The Demon, The Dumbwaiter and the Douchebag

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First and foremost, I want to thank Sal Cangemi for sending me The Demon, The Dumbwaiter and the Douchebag in exchange for an honest review. Though it took me a bit longer than I expected to get to this, I am happy to say, I enjoyed it!

Let’s do a small synopsis, shall we?

Kyle Jarvis is a self titled douchebag. He even attends meetings (kinda like Alcoholics Anonymous) but rather, Douchebags Anonymous. You think that’s odd? Just wait.

To “hide” from his past, he moves to the Le Trou Du Cul apartment complex. There he meets a variety of quite eccentric people. 

Marlene, an old has-been actress, Summer, a holistic hippie, the Horn family including the husband with a mouth like a sailor wishing to relive his high school hay-day, a young son who thrives on causing trouble and a wife that calmly tolerates the two of them, and a man that listens to Christmas music twenty-four-seven. Quite the collection of people if I do say so myself.

Kyle Jarvis’s intention was to avoid it all, stay to himself, but as the strange events began to occur, it all became unavoidable. A room was shrinking, a ghost was haunting one apartment, there was a Sasquatch family sighting and a sea serpent was spotted in the MAN MADE LAKE. And did I mention that the forest was closing in on the apartment complex?

So what triggered the odd series of very unfortunate events? A little pink, fuzzy creature  with horns. An (almost) evil  demon by the name of SLYMIND BRAINTWIST, that lived in the complex’s dumbwaiter. (You know what a dumbwaiter is, right)

I should also mention that Slymind is from heck… (you read that right)… not HELL but HECK.

Slymind’s intention is to bring heck to Earth in order to earn his way into Hell by means of the Le Trou Du Cul apartments, also known to him as The Asshole of the Universe. 

Sounds pretty interesting, right?

That’s because it is! However, that’s all the spoilers you’re getting from me. Want to know what else happens? You’ll just have to get the book and find out for yourself!

Now for my thoughts!

The Demon, The Dumbwaiter and the Douchebag was interesting to say the least. I didn’t want to like this book, the story just felt too odd simply judging by the back cover synopsis, but I’ll admit, I was highly entertained. Despite putting it down several times (I read it on the Fourth of July so it was a busy night), I still finished it in one night. I simply had to know how it was going to end!

The story was quirky and in several random moments, quite humorous. 

If he keeps this up, I can easily see Sal Cangemi going to great places. The only downfall I found to the entire book was just a matter of a few typographical errors. Nothing major that a little extra editing couldn’t fix, but the story was fun.

So, thank you again Sal Cangemi for the opportunity to read this, and I greatly look forward to reading ore of you work!

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